I've deleted my Twitter

I've deleted my Twitter. Even when I had originally joined the site, it was considerably past its prime, mainly due to its voluntary amputation of all accounts worth following, but it's now become intolerable to even browse. The site is now a wasteland ravaged by the Eternal Bluecheck, that self-gaslighting conspiracy theorist constantly amped up by the Boomer left media and on the prowl for pearls to clutch and evens to can't. An engineered monster, now laying waste to their allotted space.

This could be fun for trolls, which I'm not anyway, but even trolling these untouchable elites is now "hate speech" and thus immediately banable. There's an esoteric insurgency on Twitter, as esotericism is the only possible cloak to protect against the now routine purges, but it's not enough for me to continue on the site which is utterly useless. Twitter is simply a dead site run by jesters in suits and there's no reason to even stave off its collapse by getting them any hits. I encourage every one else to delete their account if, for some reason, you're still on it. You can use twitrss.me to get an RSS feed for a Twitter account you want to follow it and get its updates in newsboat or your own RSS reader. This is actually always how I've "followed" accounts so Twitter doesn't know who I'm actually following.