Intro podcast episode up and RSS feed available.

i've put out a preliminary episode for the podcast, you can go ahead and subscribe to the RSS feed at

I'll also be mirroring the episodes on YouTube and the first one is out here. Obviously I suggest using the RSS feed though just because I' ve gone through all the trouble of setting up a system to logically tag all the files for all you autistes who just have to have it that way ;-).

I'm using Libsyn to syndicate my podcasts as you can see by the links. I have a very high opinion of libsyn, especially compared to other platforms like YouTube, as libsyn has a relatively unblemished record of non-censorship. It will cost me money to upload on it monthly, so if you enjoy the show, please feel free to donate or the money will have to come out of my pocket.

If you have a good sense of what I'm shooting for in this podcast and have recommendation of your own, feel free to say so! As I say in this 0th episode, I plan on answering emails in the middle of the show and reading PayPal donations.