I'm thinking about using bspwm

Well my anprim internet just ruined another upload of a 3GB video... ;-) So I might as well give this little update to RSS/blog followers before I'm able to upload vids from a more stable location.

As I've said before, I saw thinking of making LARBS compatible with both i3-gaps and dwm. Both of them have their advantages: i3 is much more easy for newbs (and non-newbs, and non-weebs for that matter) to customize, while dwm's master and slave layout is pretty hard for me to give up despite the fact that its default statusbar is atrocious and comes with the non-unfounded fragility of some suckless applications.

On a whim, I decided to play around with bspwm over this weekend, and I've got to say that it has a lot of both... or really, it is so customizable that it can be extended to both.

If you don't know anything about bspwm, I'll direct you to a video by Wolfgang on bspwm, specifically comparing it with i3 (Although my informants tell me he is a GNOME-cuck or something nowadays or something ;-)—maybe I should try that?)

bspwm, unlike i3 and dwm is just a raw window manager (WM): it does not even have a unique status bar or keybinding system: you are expected to use a modular bar of your own choosing and a binding program like sxhkd to map what you need.

My setup is modular enough, in that I already have sxhkd for most my binds, including many scripts and even statusbar scripts that the change-over has been pretty quick. If I feel like bspwm is more stable and can get everything I want from i3 and everything I want for dwm, I might use it for good.

I've also dusted off the old polybar config, which I had barely modified before... and I've begun to add new modules, like those I made for i3blocks (which again is a pretty simple process due to the modularity of both). People always liked polybar more and many have been asking for it back, despite the fact that I did a post earlier this year or so on why I had stopped using it for LARBS' sake.