I'm going to be ending i3 support in LARBS very soon!

I'm not deleting any of the i3-related config files, I'll just be doing the following:

That last point might cause breakage in i3 builds that people keep up to date with git. In case it hasn't been clear for the past year, I really want to move past i3. I haven't used it in months and am not reliable to troubleshoot problems on it.

If you still want to use my i3 setup, you can still:

  1. Run LARBS.
  2. Manually install i3/i3blocks afterwards.
  3. Manually change what WM ~/.xinitrc starts (if you don't use a login screen/display manager).

I have basically not been maintaining i3 for months. I accept PRs and fixes if offered, but not much more.

I might add a little extra i3 script to be run after LARBS that makes the changes necessary for i3... maybe. I really recommend moving on to dwm though.