I'll be at Linuxfest Southeast June 12-14 in Charlotte, NC


I'll be at Linuxfest Southeast June 12-14, 2020 in Charlotte, NC. (vid). I'll probably be making some presentations as well. Although I missed the 2019 conference, I had gone in 2018 and it was a good experience.

If you're in the region, I recommend you come. I'll be commuting from a distance, but I expect it will be worth it. I met a lot of subscribers in 2018 (and there were many more who were too awkward to come up and greet me 😉).

Anyway, check out their website at southeastlinuxfest.org. I don't think they've opened sing-up for attendence, but I expect it to be in a month or so.

By the way, if you want to see my talk at the 2018 Linuxfest the link is here: Linux Is the Wild West! And let it be that way!.