I have my own search engine now

I'm actually a bit ahead in making videos: tomorrow or the day after or so, I'll have a video coming out about Searx the decentralized meta-search engine which runs on free software and anyone can install and use.

There are already many public instances of Searx out there, but I've also decided to make my own at searx.lukesmith.xyz, so you can try that out if you want. It's hosted on this very server.

If I get too much traffic, I might close or more it, but I'll leave it up for now to see if the traffic isn't too inconvenient. After all, if I'm the only one using the instance, it's easy enough for the engines it polls to determine it's just me that's searching!

Absolutely no coomers allowed!

Again yeah, I've already made videos on Searx and the process of actually installing your own instance of it and they'll be out within the week.