I don't trust Wikipedia anymore. Also, a request for a Stallman meme!

I put up a video on why I don't use or trust Wikipedia anymore. It's gotten so bad over the years that I don't even trust it for little things. I might do more on this later, because I think it's a weather-vane kind of issue, but that's my take on it now.

Obviously I don't trust it for news or politics, but I also can't trust it for specialized topics I'm familiar with: it doesn't very accurately represent academic issues in linguistics, philosophy or especially the history of thought. This has totally undermined my view of the enterprise in total and I'll be relying on a constellation of smaller sites when I need "basic" encyclopedia information.

Also, for a thumbnail, I'm looking for any meme containing a depiction of Richard Stallman as either a crying wojak or a pink wojak. I'm sure someone has this and I'm very busy today and can't look too much more after a cursory search... I'll be leaving the house soon...