Help me livestream from the remote Unaboomer's Cabin!

I want to have a way to stream from my home internet, which is beyond bad. It is certainly at least good enough to upload audio: I've used some VOIP services perfectly, but the issue is that YouTube and most other sites specifically require a video stream as well.

Probably the best solution would be something like streaming an audio feed to a server of mine, which is doable given my bandwidth, and on that server, combining it with a video feed which can then be fed to YouTube or other streaming sites.

If anyone can give me good specifics on this it would be highly appreciated. My eyes still glaze over when I hear about sockets and such, but there might be a more streamlined (bloated) solution as well...

I made a previous request for how to do a simple audiostream on my own server: most people recommended Icecast, which I've been playing around with. I might just go with that platform-independent solution despite the fact that it will probably lessen the viewership by a good bit! (Maybe that's a good thing?)