Github sponsorship

I went through the rigamarole of setting up Github Sponsors today. Basically it's just a built-in funding mechanism using Stripe with Github. So now people can donate to me from Github and support from/for specific projects.

Go to my Github page and you'll see "Sponsor" buttons on my profile and all my main repositories. Hey, free software gotta pay some bills. Or at least start the expansion cabin... Did I mention I might be starting a business soon? Maybe more on that later.

Anyway if you want platform independent ways to donate to me, including direct bank transfers and crypto currency, you can always just see

I always feel like a shill to even say so (or to put the link in video descriptions), but then again, people still come up asking me how to donate. That's how. You have a lot of choices! Thanks for all who do donate; I'd hate to have to resort to selling bath water!