Github Dotfiles and New i3 Video Soon

In my Github dotfiles repo, in the interest of repo size, I've removed the history of some "binary" files (.pdfs, etc.) from the repo history with git filter-branch. The repo used to be 20-40MB, but now it's down to about a tenth of that after that and some garbage collection.

One side effect has been that this has screwed up the (only two) pull requests on Github, but I assume it has had pretty radical effects if you're adjusting your fork "downstream" if you do something like that. I'm not a big Git n*rd ;-) so I may've been able to do this cleaner, but since it's my own personal dotfiles repo, I'm sure you'll forgive me.

Either way, I'll probably be doing a review of my dotfiles in i3 soon. It feels like I just did my last video of that type, but it's been over a year with significant changes (some of which I've showcased in other videos). More importantly, I have thousands and thousands of new subscribers still continuing to ask the kinds of questions that that kind of video would answer. An unfortunate fact of YouTube is that it only recommends very recent videos, so people scarcely see videos past a certain age, despite how relevant they may be.