Exile in Suburbia

While I'm looking for a new apartment or land to live on, I've been living in the Atlanta suburbs (or 'boondocks' in some people's definitions) again. After a couple days of rest after the grueling move/drive across country, I'm getting used to the 40 minute walk to the closest town and the extreme lack of people of my demographics (both age and race).

I found a local bookstore today and bought a copy of Cochran and Harpending's The 10,000 Year Explosion, a book I had read a while ago, but never bought. It's actually my style to only buy books after reading them and liking them at libraries. I'm rereading it now.

I've also been going thru A.J. Ayer's Language, Truth and Logic, which was largely one of the key books in spreading Logical Positivism to the English-speaking work. Intellectually-subtle viewers may know that I'm not a big fan of Logical Positivism—in fact I'm sort of reading it to have a strawman to attack in my dissertation. You never know though; I find it very difficult to enunciate my distaste of it. The vocabulary isn't quite out there to do so with a popular (or un-popular) audience.

Since I plan on my dissertation being in large part philosophy of science and then some, I'll have to overcome this lack of vocabulary, and might do so partially with the aid of my YouTube channel.