Download any Academic Article Free: A One-Liner

You may know of Sci-Hub, an excellent service by Alexandra Elbakyan that opens pay-walled academic articles for free public use.

The typical use of the service is to go to the main site (right now, it changes often due to piracy accusations), give it a link to an academic article and it will pop up a new window allowing you to download it.

This is way too much keypressing and clicking for me, and I want an browser-free way of doing this. Instead I made a line like the following to put in your bashrc to run a link through sci-hub and automatically download it.

shdl() { curl -O $(curl -s"$@" | grep location.href | grep -o http.*pdf) ;}

Then you can simply download an article by passing the link of its preview or abstract, e.g.: shdl and it will download to your current directory.

I have this as part of my linkhandler script, which I have my RSS reader newsboat run on desired entries in my RSS feeds. Specifically, I subscribe to many RSS feeds for academic journals, and now with this script, if I see an article I want to read, I can just run my linkhandler script and download them immediately without laboriously having to open the browser to copy the url and then paste it into sci-hub, etc. Note that in my linkhandler script, I have it detect if the link is of an academic publisher (which is a modifiable variable) and that the Sci-Hub link is also a separate variable because, as I said, it occasionally changes and I want it to be distinct.