Do you hate Patreon and PayPal?

Most people do. Luckily, for all the complaining, there is a simple replacement for it that cuts out the middle man altogether and transfers money directly and immediately between bank accounts.

You probably haven't heard of it, but there is a new money transfer system that most banks in the United States maintain called Zelle. It's really just a protocol for transferring money directly from account to account with just an email, so it works pretty much with the ease of PayPal. It is actually a service offered for free (no fees at all) by most American banks.

If you have any bank account in the United States, you probably already have Zelle and don't know it.

So for all those who want to donate to the channel but don't want to be bothered to use Paypal/Patreon, here's how to use it:

Benefits of Zelle:

Again, you can donate directly to me, no charge using Zelle and my email:

I'll be adding these directions here for reference.

I might actually do a video on this, just so more people know.