Converting Facebook feeds to RSS?

I'm going to record a video today on RSS—one nice fact of RSS is that there are some services that can automatically generate RSS feeds of social media profiles, even those that have intentionally shirked off RSS to be able to further control content. is an example of this for Twitter, so you can subscribe/follow any Twitter account without Twitter being able to filter what you see (and importantly without having an account in the first place).

Unfortunately, despite looking several times, I've never found something like this for public Facebook pages, which I think a lot of people would find hard to live without. There are a lot of normie/Boomer businesses whose only internet presence is their Facebook page. Even in my case, there's a local grocery store that has weekly deals that I could only see by navigating to a public Facebook page, which I don't like doing: I'd rather the updates just appear in my RSS feed reader.

Anyway, if anyone knows of a free service that produces RSS feeds for Facebook pages, please tell me ASAP so I can include it in the video.