Contemplating a brief series on creating a website

I've been contemplating doing a series on creating and maintaining your own website. The motivation is simple: too few people have their own platforms on the internet and are increasingly at the technical and frankly emotional mercy of social media sites, begging not to be "deplatformed". I talk about this in a new video.

I'm already starting to think through how I want the series to look, it might only be two somewhat long videos, but I'll probably show people the kind of setup that I have with a VPS. Suggestions are welcome, so long as they are... reasonable. Also, in the process of making this video, I will probably be using real life hosts/registrars: If anyone has anything bad or good to say about a registrar or host service, feel free to tell me. I say this because if I use or bring up Namecheap (my VPS host) as an example in the video, that will probably bring new users/customers to them. I don't want to positively or even neutrally mention any host/registrar that has a bad record (for example, GoDaddy is a terrible host and I'll probably specifically note it).