Check out my dwm and dwmblocks builds (and say goodbye to i3)!

Firstly, I haven't actually really been updating my website and blog, maybe I will with some personal stuff that doesn't warrant a Boomer-Rant or two.

Anyway, after literally a year of using it, I've finally got a dwm build that I'm pretty happy with, get it here, and I also have a build of dwmblocks which is a modular status bar which now basically has all the features of i3blocks for i3.

I encourage my blog/RSS-reading elite to check them out first to find any obvious lacunae before I do a video on them.

dwm is a way better experience than i3. I'll do a video on why I've been so happy with it. I know I just said I've been playing around with it for a year, but really I've always had a good build, now it's just notable enough to talk about.

Here are some traits/features:

Note that you will absolutely want to install libxft-bgra from the AUR to be able to run my build, since it allows color characters. If you aren't using an Arch distro, just install one and then get it from the AUR!

You'll also need the my statusbar scripts for them to appear in the bar. These are the same that are used for i3blocks and as I said, they are just as clickable.