Cell Phones and the Bronze Age Collapse (1177 BC)

First off, I put up a brief video talking about why I don't like using cell phones, it seems it's already gotten some good feedback, so check it out if you haven't already. Cell phones are devices that encourage a kind of superficiality of mind and habit, and are not nearly as useful as we think they are. Having a truly free-as=in-freedom and privacy-respecting cell phone is, by large part, impossible.

There's also been a lot of great feedback on the first episode of ,Not Related, which I'll go over in the next episode. I've got my prep mostly ready, I don't want to divulge the exact topic, yet. I think I'll let each episode be a surprise. I've also bought NotRelated.xyz, but as of now it will just direct to my own homepage.

By the way, since the first podcast, there was a book I mentioned in passing, Eric Cline's 1177 B.C.: The year Civilization Collapsed. It popped in my head while recording, so I mentioned it, because I had heard very good things about it, but I decided it'd be a little hypocritical to even name-drop it without reading it ;-), so in the time since the episode, I got and read through in full and a half.

I'll say it's definitely good and worth reading. A little repetitive, but in a way that facilitates retention. If you're interesting in the period or want to get a wider view of it after the Bicameral Mind episode, it might be a good starting point for a historical view. There's an audiobook of it floating out there too.