Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy UP

New episode of the podcat out: check out the website and subscribe to the the RSS feed if you haven't already.

This episode is on Joseph Schumpeter's classic book Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy. I cover about 4/5ths of the books content, all of it expect Schumpeter's takes on democracy, but that part I'm thinking to include in an episode on democracy generally (along with yet another biggeder-braned and more recent book on democracy (don't ask which, you'll find out)) either later this week or next week!

I give two potential time slots because there's another book which, due to recent events in the e-celeb world, I want to cover and get out there ASAP (not tellin' which yet!). But this book itself is a sizeable tome of 900 or so pages, which I've of course read before, but want to reread for good prep! The order in which I finish prep for one or the other episode will determine to order of release ;-)