Big fix for the st/suckless 'Crash-On-Emoji' error

Suckless software has long been burdened by a peculiar error that causes crashes whenever trying to load a colored emoji. This has meant extreme annoyance for me and confusion for people who use my dotfiles. The only band-aid for this error has been just installing a font with good unicode coverage and hoping that monospace fonts dare not to print out colored emojis, and making a fontconfig that keeps it that way.

Recently, however, a fix has been posted to the AUR in the libxft-bgra package, which will hopefully become part of the Xft upstream soon. This will avoid the error, and allows unpatched st to view colored emojis without a problem.

I do a video on this here.

For those who use my dotfiles, update everything: the st build, the dwmblocks build if you use it, the dotfiles, etc. and install libxft-bgra. I had variously patched software to avoid these problems, but those patches have now been reverted to allow color emojis if you want them.