Are you thirsty for some Social Media Upcummies?

New video up on the pervasiveness of upcummies on social media. Don't know what an upcummy is? Watch the video and find out!

Social media isn't just a waste of time, but makes everyone around you mediocre. Drawn in by a slow trickle of pseudo-information and statistical noise, you constantly have the feeling that you're accomplishing something despite spendings Onaninist hours being conditioned and advertised to.

You can easily go without social media. I, as you may know, went without direct internet access for 2 years, and this YouTube channel is a partial product of that. Restricting your exposure to the hivemind will always make you more clear minded and make your time connected to the hivemind more productive.

Remember to smash that upcummy button too! ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)