Anyone want to redo the CSS for my website?

I'm not a big color person and whenever I have to pick a theme for a website, it sort of annoys me. I don't like the current theme of my website, in fact, I've never liked any of the themes I've used so I was curious, before I start manually start retinkering with it until I find another scheme I tepidly can approve of, I was curious if anyone out there who has a knack for design would like to offer me a new .css stylesheet with a better colorscheme and other possible tweaks.

The current stylesheet is at I've added a couple of comments to make clear what novel thing is what. Feel free to send me new colors for everything, although I want a dark theme. Be sure that everything still werks, including the rolling blog page. I'll give it a couple days before I pick "a winner" unless I get one really quickly that's just perfect.

Do not offer to redo my website, especially if that means rewriting it with javascript code everywhere! I also do not want to have to move anything around unless there's just the best reason to: .css changes only.