Anyone done Peertube before?

I get emails about Peertube semi-frequently. Peertube is software you can install on your server to make a kind of a YouTube site. This would actually be a goal of mine: to be able to host all of my videos, serve them and have a platform truly independent of YouTube (or at least the core of it).

I've never bothered to join an instance because I can't necessarily trust individual terms or my bandwidth requirements are too big for most, but I figure it's worth figuring out now and I'm fiddling around with a separate VPS for doing it myself.

I will admit that the installation process has been a pain. I've come 99% of the way a couple times in the past couple of days, but there's always something missing or out of sync by the time I finish. I've even degraded myself by deploying containerized versions of the program (soydev.jpg), but to no avail.

Anyway, I was wondering if any body out there is passionate and knowledgeable about Peertube and could either help me set it up or has principled suggestions. I'd like to get this done soon.