Alex Jones, increasingly BASED, now even more banned from everything

Well-known and loved water-filter merchant Alex Jones was banned from Twitter, in a move that shocked no one. After a sustained campaign of harassment from Bluechecks, Twitter finally gave in and banned him and his site, thus depriving Twitter of Super Male Vitality and other high-energy supplements.

Thankfully, the straw that broke the camel's back was absolutely based. The rationalization for the ban was the fact that yesterday Alex posted videos haranguing a CNN journalist who had worked tirelessly to get him and others banned and deplatformed. The journalist was shook to say the least, visibly timid and obviously wishing he was a turtle so he could retract his head into his shell. After several minutes of straight roasting (peppered with some attempted "comebacks" from the journo), Chuck Johnson (the guy noted for being banned from Twitter back when no one got banned) joined in as well, the video later ending with a close up of the journalist's eyes, tearing up and silently distraught.

Journo-bugmen and pseudo-intellects in universities have been subjecting Americans to a non-stop humiliation-fest and struggle session since at least the 1960s. These people are literally paid by corporations and government organizations to demean, destroy and "deconstruct" the lives of the people that pay their bills. They circulate baseless folklore and conspiracy theories about non-bugmen. They live obliviously and smugly sit and design what they want the world of others to look like. They talk tough and snidely on news stations and in university, but as soon as you shine the light on them, they curl up in shame. Their pretenses only exist in their isolated world where they can't be debated, made fun of, humiliated or held accountable. They're also just dumb.

Alex's unpardonable sin is subjecting one of these chosen beings, one of these Excelsites to mockery. Alex deserves a lot of credit for making this joker tear up. Hopefully you're going to see a lot more of it too from more people. If rational debate worked, Someone like Charles Murray would've won it for us decades ago. It doesn't, and now everyone hates Charles Murray. Even people on the real right. The real solution is Chad Nationalism, Day of the Swirly, all that. Buglibs are not serious people. Don't take them seriously. Bugmen only exist because we allow that psychological type to fester. One might want to reread Uncle Ted's section on "the Psychology of Modern Leftism" as a reminder.

As it comes to Infowars, of course, using platforms and social media is for brainlets anyways. Big-branes always subscribe directly to RSS feeds. Here are Infowars'; slap them in your RSS feed reader:

I'm too woke for Infowars myself, but when they were originally banned from YouTube and everything else, the first thing I did was put these feeds into newsboat in raw solidarity. I'll read an article or two that sound funny and not too Boomer-con. Of course I mean no disrespect to Alex's highly esoteric (essentially Gnostic) understanding of the elite's cosmology and eschatology, which is actually unironically spot on.

The greatest part is that for the shitlib hivemind, it's just not enough! Bugman brainlets are not scREEEsching about Alex being even allowed on the site in the first place.

By the way, stop using Twitter! Twitter, more than any other social media company is on the verge of financial ruin. Do your part and don't use the site unless via RSS feeds. There are a couple of okay people on Twitter, but most everyone worth following has left or been banned a long time ago.