A Journey to Athens

I've still been looking for apartments in Georgia or thereabout and yesterday I took a full-day trip back to Athens (Georgia of course) to scout out apartments. After a full day and after seeing about a dozen places, I have to admit that I didn't find anywhere too much up to snuff, even given the fact that I don't need to be particularly close to the university.

I may be back there again within a week or so, but I'll concede that I was debating whether I actually want to live there again. I'm really not in the mood to put down a year's rent anywhere, even if it's only $5000 or so, unless I can get a really great place, but I suppose the real problem is a change in my mindset.

In brief, I don't feel like I want to put down money for something that isn't going to last; the bugmanhood of renting an apartment is extremely unappealing. The better alternative now seems like just buying a parcel of land with the little money I've saved up. My goal is 5+ semi-remote acres for less than $20,000, which is doable. I have a couple placing I'm looking at now, but am always looking for more. I just want land that I am extremely free in building restrictions and zoning (preferable none), and that I can have a permanent setup on: possible growing and self-sustaining utilities. I've done a lot of math and think that I can get a decent cabin built (my myself) for less than $5,000, probably closer to $3,000, but maybe with $2,000 of unforeseen costs ;-)

The other thing on the ledger would be me buying a car (or more likely, a pick-up) because I haven't needed a car since honestly 10 years (my old car finally died about two years ago). Granted, if anyone reading this around Georgia has a used pickup truck in good shape they're willing to get rid of, feel free to contact me ;-) Don't rip me off though, I have a YouTube channel!