"Live"streams coming back!


I just put up a video on this, but I'll put it in text for anyone who prefers it.

After a lot of requests, I'm going to start doing livestreams again. Problem is, until next January, I won't have consistent internet at my home to make that possible. So we can manage a little workaround:

I'm now, right now, taking "Super Chats" or donations from PayPal or different crypto currencies. I'll record full responses to questions in the same way I would do a livestream. I'll probably also come with other content prepared.

Then, that full video, the length and style of a livestream will be uploaded to YouTube using the new "Premiere" feature, which allows a set release time and a chatroom just like in livestreams. Everyone can watch it together then, talking in the chat. Obviously I'll be in the chatroom as it plays for everyone simultaneously.

I'm planning to release this video Sunday afternoon.

That means if you want to donate to ask a question or pose a comment or point of discussion, donate (using the links about) ASAP. I'm not entirely sure when I'm going to be recording the video, but I suspect sometime Saturday. If you miss that window though, I'll read your donation and talk about what you want next time, so no problem.