My diet following the memes

Abiding by an ideological "diet" is pure autism. It's peak dystopian, actually. Identifying with some meme diet you've become rationally convinced of is like identifying by the music you listen to or some autistically-differentiated political label. It's something people only do in a bugman society when they've been deprived of their real identity.

Nonetheless, I occasionally get questions about what I eat and as I go on, my functional diet changes, but interesting patterns emerge. Nowadays you've had meme diets from Atkins to Paleo to this new keto meme; all of them circulate around the idea that the food pyramid is a lie, and meats and fats are severely underrated. In my experience, I'm very inclined to agree. In fact, one of the realities of nutrition "science" is that a lot of the jack-booting, tone-setting and "advocacy" has always been done by either Jehovah's Witnesses or vegetarians, two parties who have ideological motivations to downplay the good of meat and to overplay the good of "slave foods" like cereals and starchy staples. I'm not bothered by their ethical pretenses, but it's a whole nother thing to pretend that they're based in the reality of what's good for humans aside from pietisms.

First, for my younger viewers, you'll realize as you get "old" (as you leave puberty at least around 25), your digestive abilities and metabolism change. The young digestive system is much more plastic and durable than someone in the late 20s and on. You've probably heard that you'll put on weight more easier if you eat pizza, true for most people, but for me, I've found that it's increasingly difficult even to properly digest greasy pizza, junk food, sugars and everything processed and terrible about the modern world. As you get a little older, you really can feel the debilitatingly negative hormonal effects of carbo-loading. You get acid-reflux and indigestion more too. Domino's is a one-way ticket to diarrhea. Hell, a couple weeks ago in a silly attempt to put on empty weight, I bought and ate a meek-and-mild Cheerios knock-off and let's just say that came out looking about the same as they went in.

Don't worry, I'm not falling apart. The solution has been easy. Stop eating processed foods. Stop eating sugar. And Stop eating the Virgin Bottom-of-the-Food-Pyramid. Just eat meat.

I don't eat only meat now, but I abandoned the pretense and can acknowledge that meals are nothing more than a serving of meat with some other mostly decorative foods. I have some vegetables and fruits here and there, and I do go out to eat and get a sandwich (with bread of course) every once in a while. I'll say that I've realized that I can detect a little digestive difference between meat treated with antibiotics and that without. Might be confirmation bias, but I prefer untreated or organic meat and will buy it if it's not too much more expensive. Typical meals include:

Oh and I use olive oil for all of these. None of that Cucknola oil BS. I'm also not big on salt.

And by the way, stop believing Nutrition Facts autism. The reality of nutrition "science" is that the body is a machine far more complex than we understand. The idea that our body needs precisely that 100% of all of those substances that the American government proclaimed back in the 70s is ridiculous. For the same reason, sorry, but eating something with another random protein (like le soy) isn't a substitute for the actual nourishment of meat. My scientific proof is the diminished physical and hormonal state of vegans. Some people will tell them they need B12 or something else, but it's far beyond that. Regardless "diet" foods/sodas are the same. They only exist so they look good on the nutrition facts. They produce equivalent tastes and fill your stomach with things that you're body can't digest and turn into calories/energy. In a sane society, that would be identified as being something way worse than the thing they're supposed to be replacing.

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