My Personal Library

This is a list of the books in my personal library. If you have any questions or want me to review any of them, email me (

I haven't read every book here, nor do I own all the books I've read or like. I also don't necessarily like all the books I own.

Check out my podcast, Not Related! for some book reviews and other things. Books I've talked about in one way or another in the podcast will have a link to that episode.

🆕 Books

Note that now I am reprinting out-of-print works at You can buy any of these books yourself if you'd like. (Most of them are pretty exclusive in that I'm the only one reprinting them.)

Searle's book on consciousness

A-BD: General Works, Philosophy, Logic, Speculative Philosophy

BF-BL: Psychology, Aesthetics, Ethics, General Religion, Mythology, Rationalism

Hamlet's Mill

BM-BX: Specific Religions and Theology

A Greek and Latin biglottic Bible

C: Auxiliary Sciences of History

D: World History

Hutton's book on the Third Reich

E-F: History of the Americas


G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

H: Social Sciences

Democracy the God that Failed A regular encyclopedia of Freemasonry

J-K: Political Science and Law


L-N: Education, Music, Fine Arts

P: Philology, Linguistics

Allan's Western Classical Tradition in Linguistics

PA: Greek and Latin language and Literature

Ted Hughes's translations of Ovid

PC: Romance Languages

Lathrop's Course on Historical Spanish Grammar

PD-PF: Germanic Languages and Literatures

PJ-PL: Oriental, Indo-Iranian, East-Asian and Oceanian Languages

Sanskrit in the Development of World Thought

PN: General Literature

PQ: Romance Literature

Dante's Inferno

PR: English Literature

PS: American Literature

Lovecraft compilation

PQ-PZ: Other Literature

The Poetic Edda

QA: General Science

Against Method

QA: Mathematics

QB-QR: Other Sciences

R: Medicine

S-T: Agriculture and Technology

Everything I Want to Do is Illegal!

Books as of yet unsorted