My Personal Library

This is a list of the books in my personal library. If you have any questions or want me to review any of them, email me (

I haven't read every book here, nor do I own all the books I've read or like. I also don't necessarily like all the books I own.

Check out my podcast, Not Related! for some book reviews and other things. Books I've talked about in one way or another in the podcast will have a link to that episode.

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Searle's book on consciousness

A-BD: General Works, Philosophy, Logic, Speculative Philosophy

BF-BL: Psychology, Aesthetics, Ethics, General Religion, Mythology, Rationalism

Hamlet's Mill

BM-BX: Specific Religions and Theology

A Greek and Latin biglottic Bible

C: Auxiliary Sciences of History

D: World History

Hutton's book on the Third Reich

E-F: History of the Americas


G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

H: Social Sciences

Democracy the God that Failed A regular encyclopedia of Freemasonry

J-K: Political Science and Law


L-N: Education, Music, Fine Arts

P: Philology, Linguistics

Allan's Western Classical Tradition in Linguistics

PA: Greek and Latin language and Literature

Ted Hughes's translations of Ovid

PC: Romance Languages

Lathrop's Course on Historical Spanish Grammar

PD-PF: Germanic Languages and Literatures

PJ-PL: Oriental, Indo-Iranian, East-Asian and Oceanian Languages

Sanskrit in the Development of World Thought

PN: General Literature

PQ: Romance Literature

Dante's Inferno

PR: English Literature

PS: American Literature

Lovecraft compilation

PQ-PZ: Other Literature

The Poetic Edda

QA: General Science

Against Method

QA: Mathematics

QB-QR: Other Sciences

R: Medicine

S-T: Agriculture and Technology

Everything I Want to Do is Illegal!

Books as of yet unsorted