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Ripping and spliting and tagging audiobooks and albums from YouTube

27 May 2020 (Wed) 10:16AM

Check out my scripts folder for two new uploads today (although I made them quite a bit ago).

First is tag, a simple wrapper for opustags and vorbiscomment that gives a easier interface for manually tagging .opus and .ogg files.

More notable, however is booksplit, which uses the script above to take a long audio file and a list of timecodes and automatically splits that file up into tracks/chapter files.

I use this when I can only find some audio content on YouTube and want to convert it to typical music files for listening offline, all with appropriate tags.

I just put up a video on all of this here.

The advantages of dwmblocks...

26 May 2020 (Tue) 03:09PM

Just put up a video on dwmblocks which I've been using for a statusbar for a while now.

Get the build here.

It has probably three main advantages over other paradigms for doing statusbars, especially in dwm:

On the last point, you can pretty arbitrarily add in new click sequences in your dwm build as well. I mention in the video that I have it so if I hold shift while left clicking, the an instance of vim with the module script opens up so you can edit it.

New video showcase of my dwm build

25 May 2020 (Mon) 10:59AM

I haven't been using my RSS feed to annouce videos recently, but I feel like I should be... πŸ€”

Anyway, I've released a video showcasing dwm here. If you're reading this post right as I'm releasing it, it's been set as a premiere on YouTube to release at the top of the hour.

The title is naturally self-aware clickbait, the video is just a brief, updated explanation of the logic of dwm, similar to my original video a year or so ago on it, albeit catered to my build.

I also go into some of the stuff I've added recently that make it a drop in improvement over my old i3 dotfiles.

The dwm build is here, the status bar, which I'll do an idividual video on later is here, and remeber that you'll need to install libxft-bgra for it to render color characters without crashing.

Politics matters most to slaves.

10 May 2020 (Sun) 07:56PM

Now onto the second point I didn't get to in my post yesterday: politics only matters so much when you're a slave. Or as I put it there, "You will need politics less than you think."

That is to say that if you live in a city where your every action is watched, if you use proprietary software and communicate only via social media services, if you have no marketable skills because you have some inert degree and questionably productive and definitely replaceable job and a large company, you need politics quite a great deal.

Your entire existence in the system is based on being a good boy within the established boundaries of what is deemed by the mass media to be socio-politically appropriate. Maybe you've gone into debt, but you definitely rely the whole "system" for all the basics. If you don't think you do, just ask yourself whether your life has changed for the better after the Coronachan Panic of 2020.

What's the alternative? Well, boomer rants viewers might see some of this coming...

The fact of the matter is that both the daily ins-and-outs of politics and the overarching trends of politics matter very little the more independent your are of the system. Earlier, I always mumbled about how conservaboomers seemed a little too apathetic about the cultural changes being forced on them. This social engineering still is the most serious problem in all technologically-complex mass-media societies, but I must admit for people who choose personal independence and independence for their families and local communities, it is much less of a problem.

When I was plugged into the system, minorly red-pilled and generally peeved because I actually paid attention to the media as something other than to laugh at, I found the idea of Political "Exit" pretty cucky. How much sense does it make to leave the "political process" altogether? Sounds like giving up.

It sounds like giving up because the "political process" is something internal to the media system at large. That's why even when the political process does something the media doesn't like (like electing the Orange Boomer, for example), its actions are immediately rendered inert by fakery.

The actual solution is creating and participating in organic society, which still very much exists outside the purview of the media and NGOs and the like. People still need plumbers. No one is going to fire a plumber because he says trannies are mentally ill men in dresses—otherwise there'd be no plumbers. Or electricians, or builders or anyone who actually does anything productive. It'd just be HR, journalists and professors left... and some open source developers who write more codes of conducts than they do software. Do you think they'll be able to feed you?

Exiting the system is actually the opposite of surrender. Why would you think the solution is something like voting or even "owning the libs" or something publicly advertised as a solution? The actual solution is building an alternative. Or maybe rebuilding the alternative.

Do you really want to make your boss rich if you think he'd turn around and betray you because of a media witchhunt? It's better for you to be doxxed and fired now rather than wait 20 years for it, getting more ensconced in the insanity. Start becoming more independent now.

A lot of people LARP about what they're going to do when they take over "the system" by revolution. Revolution, the idea of abrupt enforced change, however, is fundamentally their idea and if you buy it, you're going to keep running your head into a wall.

Being independent, living out of the city and the Matrix, however, is simultaneously like transporting yourself back in time to when things were saner, but at the same time, transporting yourself into the future where "the system" has already collapsed and we're already rebuilding. Be a part of it now rather than later.

Why do I so rarely talk about politics on my channel?

09 May 2020 (Sat) 11:16PM

It's not a huge secret that I'm somewhere in the high echelons of the red-pill, however you define it. I'll openly talk about pretty any topic that people organically bring up in streams, or that I'm asked about, but I've never really made any kind of political content on my channel, aside from jokes and memes. That might be surprising because especially three years ago before the mass-bans and algoritm tampering, right wing political channels were a dime-a-dozen and an easily way to get views. There are two main reasons I never took part. Arguably "fear of being ZUCCed from YouTube" could be a possible third, but I have a kind intransigence that makes me relish me being banned. I'm also pretty tired of YouTube, and am increasingly questioning if using it is even a reasonable compromise...

So why do I not do political videos? Why do I not have a set list of deep facts that will blow you away and red-pill you? The two reasons:

Okay, reason one there is just the first line of the Daode Jing. The Daode Jing is the basic book of Daoism (Taoism), and Dao (literally "Way") is an amorphous concept in Chinese thought that could be crudely comparable to Western concepts of "natural order/law" or maybe even "spontaneous order." "Sounds gay," you say. So what does this famous first line mean and how is it relevant to why I don't talk about how to get red-pilled? I would say it's hard to translate, but even saying that would sound even more pretentious as if I actually know classical Chinese as a native language, but here's a rendering.

The Dao (way) that you can follow isn't the true eternal Dao. A name that you speak, isn't its true name.

An aside, it should be a capital offense to translate classical Chinese. It is so perfect and terse and everything autisitically limited to four elegant syllables that it's just criminal to mutilate it into another language, but we'll forgive it this time.

So what do I mean by quoting this? I mean that the journey to getting red-pilled is not something that can be explained. If I could just explain it, tell it to you, it wouldn't be the true story. It is a varied, and in each case, personal journey, that one goes on.

Although you've been lied to, it's not the lies that's the problem. As an adult, you can a lot of the times tell when the media is manipulating you, especially in the last past decade it's gotten so obvious even a Boomer could see it. But what you don't see is how when you were lied to (or told selective truths) as a child, you didn't have the same BS-detector, and that allowed a lot of deep-seated impressions about the world to be formed. So a lot of people who don't believe anything the media says now (rightly) are still mind-cucked. They accept the programming and differ on the details.

I will give you this hint. Basically all of your programmed emotional responses are your enemies. There was an old Moldbug blog post where he talked about even far after "awaking from his dogmatic slumber," he still was surprised that if he saw a group of Nazi LARPers, he would reflexively have a pang of emotional stress, but if he saw Stalinist LARPers, he wouldn't have the same kind of emotional reaction. I think everyone raised in the West has that same programmed reaction. You might know with your head that the communist death count is supposed to be higher and the suppression wider, but it doesn't click because you weren't made sensitive to it.

A good heuristic is whenever you see one of these emotional responses, especially an emotional response to a political term: democracy, equality, racism, feminism, literally all of them actually, your Pavlovian conditioning is telling you to avoid an intellectual area specifically because it is the ideological weak spot of the background propaganda of modernism. If it was not a weak spot, there would be no harm in you being allowed to calmly investigate it. People's thoughts are regulated in liberal democracy not by laws, but by psychological programming that goes off when someone is tempted to evaluate an idea they're not supposed to. Okay, actually I guess in Europe they're regulated by that and laws, and it's coming to America very, very soon now.

All of this is to say that breaking out of this programming is not so much of an issue of me or anyone else explaining a series of facts to you. ι“ε―ι“οΌŒιžεΈΈι“γ€‚ That's what Laozi said. As cringe as it sounds, it is primarily a battle against yourself, or at least the part of yourself that has eaten up the tacit assumptions of modernism. Before you own the libs, you must own yourself. Laozi said that too.

In case quoting classical Chinese and talking in floating, general terms isn't getting across, I'll say that getting red-pilled is sort of mystical... literally. Of course, "mystical" in the old, original Greek sense. A "mystic" in Greek is just a synonym for an "initiate." Many cultic religions of two millennia ago where like modern Freemasonry: not a ideology one could just go and read about on Wikipedia, but one where people were slowly initiated in the thought and mindset of the religion over time. While people were born into Paganism, they were initiated into Gnosticism, Hermeticism or even early Christianity. The only difference is that you are being initiated out of the cultural bubble of modernism. Into what? It can vary person to person, experience to experience. You'll always be in some bubble, so don't be arrogant, but you will be out of the big bubble that's going to pop everywhere and is dominated by liberal cat-ladies, professors, sanctimonious NGO-members and journalists.

All of this is to say that it is simply impossible for me to provide you direct direction. Even direction might sound stupid before or after. Maybe I can lay out some random disorganized recommendations.

Also, you can be red-pilled too quickly and end up like that guy in the Matrix who looks like me and betrays his friends so he can be put back in the matrix to have nice juicy steaks again. Did he make an appearance in Runescape as well?

Anyway, I wrote more of this than I thought I was going to, and I never got to reason two! I'll write it tomorrow after church. You can read it once you get back from church providing it isn't banned where you live.

Speaking of church, for those interested in early Christian theology, or frankly Greek philosophy generally, notice how similar 名 name/word "míng" in the Chinese above is equivalent to logos. In fact, 名 is even used both in the particular sense "the name that you speak" as I render it, and in the universal abstract sense of logos. This pun, which doesn't exist in English without some explanation, does exist in both classical Chinese and Greek. More on that later.

New website setup, also a statusbar module for network traffic

03 May 2020 (Sun) 01:04PM

I've actually decided to change my website's index page, check it out. I made it a bit more autobiographical and visual. Maybe I missed something important? Feel free to remind me.

There are images on the mainpage now, which means a little more bandwith used, but it's nowhere close to the odious things that soydevs do with massive 8MB background images. Even a really slow internet like mine should be able to load it all in a fraction of a second.

I want to move step-by-step back to the old simple days of the early internet, where personal webpages were actual webpages, not two lines of links to social media profiles over off-white bacgrounds and massive javascript to make sure the site load sufficiently slowly. Sooner or later, I'm going to make a LARBS-like thing for setting up a VPS with a good weserver. Already did it for an email server.

I haven't wanted to upload videos recently. I don't fake it. I will want to overview in a video all of the chages and features I've integrrated into dwm, but I'm not totally sure that I'm all the way done. Most of the binds on the middle and lower rows under the left hand I'm just not sure about!

By the way, yesterday or so I add an optional network traffic module to my statusbar scripts. I think I wrote it about as efficiently as it could be written (and no dependencies), but I was knew to figuring out how RX/TX info appears in a Unix system. Check it out and see if it can be improved.

Also, I'm thinking about, since I can make it clickable, adding some kind of network monitoring TUI program, ideally one that either gives visual information about network traffic over time, or (maybe better if it's done well) an application that lists connections made to different sites/IP addresses. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know,

EDIT: Oh and by the way, if my website looks funky right now, refresh your browser's cache (specifically of the stylesheet (style.css) on my site).

Check out my dwm and dwmblocks builds (and say goodbye to i3)!

23 Apr 2020 (Thu) 07:33PM

Firstly, I haven't actually really been updating my website and blog, maybe I will with some personal stuff that doesn't warrant a Boomer-Rant or two.

Anyway, after literally a year of using it, I've finally got a dwm build that I'm pretty happy with, get it here, and I also have a build of dwmblocks which is a modular status bar which now basically has all the features of i3blocks for i3.

I encourage my blog/RSS-reading elite to check them out first to find any obvious lacunae before I do a video on them.

dwm is a way better experience than i3. I'll do a video on why I've been so happy with it. I know I just said I've been playing around with it for a year, but really I've always had a good build, now it's just notable enough to talk about.

Here are some traits/features:

Note that you will absolutely want to install libxft-bgra from the AUR to be able to run my build, since it allows color characters. If you aren't using an Arch distro, just install one and then get it from the AUR!

You'll also need the my statusbar scripts for them to appear in the bar. These are the same that are used for i3blocks and as I said, they are just as clickable.

Lincucks Fest has been canceled!

02 Apr 2020 (Thu) 04:34PM

Although I said around a month ago that I would be in Charlotte this year for Southeast Linuxfest, it looks like they have decided to cancel it! Sad!

If the world continues existence until 2021, I will still probably plan on going then.

Font gone crazy in LARBS?

22 Mar 2020 (Sun) 01:40PM

An Arch update to ttf-inconsolata has temporarily broken the font. If you're a member of an Arch forum or IRC, I recommend notifying them/the developer of this. I don't have an account there.

Since Inconsolata is the default monospace in LARBS, I've been getting a lot of emails as to how to fix or patch this. Just change your default monospace font in ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf to another install monospace font. If you don't know what monospace fonts you have installed, list them with fc-list | grep -i mono. See our Github issue.

What should be the default browser for LARBS?

16 Mar 2020 (Mon) 10:59PM

I'll probably record a video on this tomorrow, but I might as well ask my blog audience first, What should be the default web browser in LARBS?

Right now it's Brave, since that's what I do and it comes with a lot of features I consider basic already built in. The problem with nearly all web browsers is that it's pretty hard and annoying to put together "dotfiles" for them, a default profile that has sensible defaults.

Brave is especially nice because it comes with add-ons that block adds, redirect to HTTPS and add Tor and torrenting capabilities. But while sometimes Brave will prompt the user on first run for their preferred start engine, on some systems after running LARBS, it will just assume Google, which I absolutely want to avoid.

I'm sure you all have the agency to change your search engine to something more sensible, most use DuckduckGo (I prefer Searx), but when it comes to the default, the sileny majority is going to continue with the default idly, and I don't want to set them on the wrong path. Why even use Linux if you're just going to send everything straight to Google anyways?

Possible browsers

Premptive 'no' to the following

I'll also say, and I had never heard this take until I did my video on Brave, I obviously have no qualms about using a chromium-based browser. Apparently there are people out there who have the idea that source code is just magically evil if it was written by Google, even if it is 100% free and open source and well-audited. Anyway, share your opinions! What did I miss?

Email me what you think at and you might influence me before I record the video tomorrow morning.

I'll be at Linuxfest Southeast June 12-14 in Charlotte, NC

15 Mar 2020 (Sun) 08:49AM

I'll be at Linuxfest Southeast June 12-14, 2020 in Charlotte, NC. (vid). I'll probably be making some presentations as well. Although I missed the 2019 conference, I had gone in 2018 and it was a good experience.

If you're in the region, I recommend you come. I'll be commuting from a distance, but I expect it will be worth it. I met a lot of subscribers in 2018 (and there were many more who were too awkward to come up and greet me πŸ˜‰).

Anyway, check out their website at I don't think they've opened sing-up for attendence, but I expect it to be in a month or so.

By the way, if you want to see my talk at the 2018 Linuxfest the link is here: Linux Is the Wild West! And let it be that way!.

Big fix for the st/suckless 'Crash-On-Emoji' error


Suckless software has long been burdened by a peculiar error that causes crashes whenever trying to load a colored emoji. This has meant extreme annoyance for me and confusion for people who use my dotfiles. The only band-aid for this error has been just installing a font with good unicode coverage and hoping that monospace fonts dare not to print out colored emojis, and making a fontconfig that keeps it that way.

Recently, however, a fix has been posted to the AUR in the libxft-bgra package, which will hopefully become part of the Xft upstream soon. This will avoid the error, and allows unpatched st to view colored emojis without a problem.

I do a video on this here.

For those who use my dotfiles, update everything: the st build, the dwmblocks build if you use it, the dotfiles, etc. and install libxft-bgra. I had variously patched software to avoid these problems, but those patches have now been reverted to allow color emojis if you want them.

Sat, 01 Feb 2020 16:53:04 -0500

That's only slightly a hyperbole.

I'm thinking about bringing back the podcast; it's probably the only old content I get constant requests to bring back. I'm already compiling stuff for a few new episodes for Season 2, which might actually include some joint episodes with people you may or may not know... We'll see!

Anyway, I finally finished and put up an episode I did in a stream months ago: The Flaws of Academic Statistics: the Null Ritual which you can see on YouTube as well. This episode is talks about some of the fundamental and acknowledged issues in how statistics is used in nearly all sciences. Nearly every science paper you've heard of in the popular press and in academia is built on flawed statistical footing.

Add the podcast's RSS feed to your RSS reader! You can also go to the podcast's webpage to get links to other services to get the episodes from (Spotify and Google if for some reason you do that stuff (just use RSS)).

Mon, 20 Jan 2020 18:55:42 -0500

New video on new books


I did a video covering every book I got in 2019.

Check it out, as some people often ask me what kind of books I tend to get.

You can also check out my library page at my website for a full inventory of my library if you have interest in that.

Fri, 03 Jan 2020 00:12:30 -0500

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