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Get all my videos offline

You can easily download all of my videos for offline viewing with youtube-dl. Just create a new directory and run the following command in it:

youtube-dl -ic --write-thumbnail --add-metadata --restrict-filename

Feel free to break this operation in the middle, and if you run it again, it will continue downloading where you left off. It will also download the thumbnails and add the proper metadata to the video files.

My Videos by Topic

Below is a list of my YouTube videos, organized by general topic. They're in no order after that, except for some categories that might have some logical sequence to them (like the LaTeX lessons).

ProgramsLaTeXi3wmLinuxvimMetaThinkPadsLibrebootPolitical MemesffmpegLinguisticsComputersOther

i3wm Ricing

Special Announcement! (COMING NOW - LARBS!)
i3-gaps Setup (Nearing Perfection; August 2017)
i3 Arch Linux config and rice (DANK edition)
i3 Rice Additions - ffmpeg Screencasting, Scratchpad and Transparency Fun!
i3wm Arch Linux/Parabola Workflow Preview (chill AF vid)
Linux i3 rice preview (with ranger, qutebrowser, LaTeX, the whole shebang)
Get My Arch Linux Ricing/Config Easy! (Smug + comfy edition)
Comparing Arch Linux Rices (American Psycho Business Card Scene)

Linux and Operating Systems

How to choose a Linux distro - Stop Thinking!
I switched to Void Linux, wew lad...
Why I can't stand to use Apple/Mac anything...
Months of Arch Linux Updates (AUTISM PORN XXX)
On systemd, Gentoo and Void Linux (Switching from Arch Linux)
Luke Appears on 'The Golden Age' Podcast

Computer General

RIP in Peace Net Neutrality
Where the Internet Failed Bugmen Arose
Purism Laptops - Good Way to go 100% Free Software
I Hate Computers! And How the EOMA68 Can Be Better!
Make the Internet Decentralized Again!

Programs and Fun Scripts

URXVT is the Best Terminal. (And some configuration notes)
TFW You Learn There s a Vim Mode in Bash...
SC-IM - Vim-based Terminal Spreadsheet Editor
Shortcut Sync for bash ranger qutebrowser (UPDATED)
The Easiest Way to Make Presentations! (Pandoc + Markdown)
Calcurse - Your Calendar and To-Do List on Your Terminal
StarDict and Sdcv for Offline Dictionaries
Why should I use terminal applications?
This One Weird Python Trick to keep all my configs in sync!
Ranger the Terminal File Manager (Going deeper into configuration)
My mutt/neomutt email configuration and settings
mutt Email + OfflineIMAP and msmtp - See your email offline!
Pywal - Automatic Colorschemes! (I can't stop playing with this...)
qutebrowser - All the Cool Kids should try it!
Great Music is Unpronounceable - ncmpcpp w/ mpd
Firefox - Browser Skins, vim Shortcuts and Search Keywords!


Vim's built-in Spell-Checker Corrections and Multilingual Dictionaries!
After Vimtutor - Some basic vim editing tips!
How vim Makes my Daily Life Easier
vim Macros - Why and How-To!
Start Turning vim into a /comfy/ IDE!


How to Install, Use and Extend LaTeX
Learn LaTeX Tutorial (1) - Basic Compiling, Titles, Sections, Formatting and Syntax
Learn LaTeX Tutorial (2) - Labels, References and Lists (ordered and unordered)
Learn LaTeX Tutorial (3) - Making Bibliographies with Biber and BibLaTeX!
LaTeX - Images, Figures, Wrapping and the Logic Behind Them
Making a Pro Presentation with LaTeX's Beamer!
Making a Resume with some LaTeX Magic (Part 1)
Making a Resume with some LaTeX Magic (Part 2)
Easy Custom Formatting in LaTeX with Macro Functions!
vim and LaTeX do Ancient Rig Veda Wisdom together!
My Dank vim & LaTeX Setup (wordcucks BTFO once again)
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love LaTeX!


REVIEW - ThinkPad T420
Which ThinkPad Should You Get? (And Libreboot notes)
ThinkPad X200 vs. X220 Comparison!
Total Disassembly - Replace/Repair ThinkPad X200 Chassis, Motherboard, Wifi, RAM, SSD, etc!
How I get 3TB of Storage on My Ultra Portable ThinkPad!
Installing/Replacing/Repairing a Webcam on a ThinkPad!
REVIEW - Thinkpad X200 (durable beast, less than $100)


GOTTA BOOT FAST - Booting with Libreboot and an SDD (Thinkpad x200 and t420)
Install Libreboot on X60/T60 ThinkPads (muh freedumbs edition)
The Recent Libreboot_Leah Rowe Drama (le ebin SJW clickbait lmao!!!)

Political Memes

Trump 45 - When Memes Became Real
Trump shitposting all the way to the White House
Vince McMahon Reacts to Getting Red-Pilled
MFW election night (Trump - The greatest Happening yet)
MSNBC can't into Memespeak lmao
Rare Pepe Collection (526 PEPES; DO NOT STEAL!!!) (made with ffmpeg)
LOOK AT THIS DUDE - Nate Silver can't catch a break!


Language as Synesthesia - Luke Smith - Consciousness and Language Seminar
Luke writes Qualifying Paper in muh Arch Linux Rice (unixporn + Linguistics)
Towards Biolinguistic Clarity in Generative Syntax - Luke Smith
Chomsky Joins us in Hell (Arizona) - No Relation! EP1


Luke's "IS THIS WORKING?" Livestream
How to Go Pro on YouTube! (5K subs edition)
META - Channel Progress Report and Upcoming Content
Brief Vacation & Make Me a Banner for Glory!
More to Come... (vim, LaTeX, GENTOO, Librebooting, Crowdsourcing)
My Battlestation Preview (1/2)
Battlestation and Behind the Scenes Part II
ANNOUNCMENTS - BitChute, Patreon, To-Do List, PaleMoon, X220


Easy Screencasting and Webcamming with ffmpeg in Linux
ffmpeg - Making a Picture Slideshow without a Video Editor!


A Decent Cheap Webcam (INTERNET FAMOUS 4 $50)
How I Manage My Website! (Offline, with vim, ssh, rsync)
SANIC and Banjo ratce fasts
Some Cyberpunk Futuristic Music (Remixed from Deus Ex Pancea Boss Mix)
Why I Went 2 Years with No Internet at Home
Yurt Camping and Hiking in Cloudland Canyon, Georgia
Block All Ads, Tracking, Porn and Junk in One Fell Swoop!