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This list was started February 16, 2017. I only put things on this list that I 100% plan on doing (unless in parens). I'll strike them out when successfully complete.

Computer stuff


Summer goals

Accomplished From This List

  • Presentation on consciousness and language Done.
  • Section on prosodically-driven word order to be done the week of the 26th. Done.
  • (Might put out a video on this?) Done.
  • I'm working on a qualifying paper. It'll be finished by May. Done. Final .pdf coming.
  • My mutt config Done.
  • After vimtutor Done.
  • Ricing my i3 setup (will involve automatic scripts now). Done.
  • Introduction to LaTeX Done.
  • Making my ThinkPad X60 free as in freedumb: Done.
  • Review of my ThinkPad X220 Done.
  • Making automatic ricing scripts for my Arch Linux setup Done.
  • Now a video on this. Done.
  • INSTALL GENTOO!!! (or Void Linux) Done. Installed Void. (May try Gentoo later anyway.)
  • A video making fun of Nate Silver cause hahaha lmao yeah screw that guy fam Done.
  • Make meme slideshows with one command. Done. See the end result here.
  • Moving my Arch/Parabola rice to either Gentoo or Void Done.
  • Figuring out OfflineIMAPS and getting to work with all my email accounts on mutt Done.