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Here are some ways to can donate to support the channel and me! I will also read out new donations in the midbreak of my podcast.


Streamlabs Stream-time donations

If you want a donation to appear automatically during a stream, donate at this link. I will keep an email tab open to read all other donations, but this link is the one that causes the automatic pop-ups. Superchats (which are done just via YouTube) will also appear automatically.

PayPal PayPal

Patreon Patreon

I'm not a big fan of DRMing or restricting content, so I don't do any kind of subscriber-specific content. Everything I do is for everyone, call me a cuck if you want.

I also don't really post what I do on Patreon. Don't worry, every little donation is still just as meaningful, but I don't constantly spam new videos there anymore since you could just go to my YouTube channel or RSS feed or blog to see what's new.

Zelle Skip Paypal or Patreon and put money right in my bank account

You probably haven't heard of it, but there is a relatively new money transfer system that most banks in the United States maintain called Zelle. It's really just a protocol for transferring money directly from account to account with just an email, so it works pretty much with the ease of PayPal.

If you have any bank account in the United States, you probably already have Zelle and don't know it.

To use it:

Benefits of Zelle:

Again, you can donate directly to me, no charge using Zelle and my email:

Bitcoin Donate Cyptocurrency!

You can donate any of the cryptocurrencies below at their corresponding addresses. QR codes are provided for convenience if wanted.

Bitcoin Bitcoin


Ethereum Ethereum


Litecoin Litecoin


Dash Dash


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